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Nathan DeMetz Personal Training

Professional online fitness coaching for busy lives.

You deserve to be free of pain, anxiety, and lack of focus caused by poor fitness. It is hard to prioritize exercise and nutrition with a busy schedule, which is why I make it easy to access professional training any time, anywhere.

Women performing core exercise

Providing holistic programs

Strength Training

Strength Training

Unlock your full potential with our comprehensive strength training program designed to build muscle, enhance strength, and transform your physique.



Elevate your fitness with our conditioning program, designed to enhance endurance, boost stamina, and improve overall performance.



Master essential techniques and perfect your form with our technical skill training, setting the foundation for excellence in your fitness journey.

Hi, I'm Nathan DeMetz.


I have 23 years of personal and professional experience and hold multiple degrees and certifications. I am passionate about accessible online personal training, run coaching, strength and conditioning, fitness nutrition, sports nutrition, and exercise science.

I don't cut corners with automated training and nutrition programs and no part of my process is automated. I personally handle every step of the process to ensure you are set up for success.

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My clients love it

Whether the goal is losing weight, gaining strength, increasing mobility or other fitness goals, my approach fits into your busy life.

Exercise anywhere

Workout from the comfort of your home, office, or local gym

Fully customized plans

Nutrition, workout, and recovery centered on your needs and goals

Flexible schedule

Incorporate exercise around your calendar 

4 / 5

Would recommend to a friend


Jane Robinson


Nathan is a terrific personal trainer. The online option makes it possible for me to get excellent training in the comfort and convenience of my own home. Nathan pays close attention to my goals and constraints, and continues to closely monitor my progress and feedback, continuously developing a plan that matches my needs. I highly recommend him as a personal trainer.

Jared Myers

Application Consultant

His attention to detail and knowledge have enabled me to reach my health and fitness goals. I was very pleased to find a trainer that was able to work around my busy schedule. I recommend him to anyone looking to improve their overall fitness and gain a deep understanding of proper weight lifting form and function.

Kevin Fye

Communications Program Manager

Working with Nathan has given me much more than an improved appearance. He works with the whole person – from fundamental concepts about nutrition and rest to innovative ideas about muscular development, his focus is always on increasing strength, endurance, and overall health. He has a genuine enthusiasm for helping you better yourself all around.
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