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Nathan DeMetz Personal Training


Conditioning is the ability of the body to do work, as well as the second category of fitness I consider for training clients and myself. The more work that the body can do, the more conditioned it is. For example, being able to complete multiple reps of an exercise is an improvement of conditioning, not strength.

In that same line of thought, being able to run a mile is a form of conditioning, whereas improving from running one mile to two is an improvement in conditioning. Any time the body increases the ability to do work, the more conditioned it becomes.

Another example that is more modern in the CrossFit era, is being able to complete workouts such as metcons, circuit training, and anything that falls in line. Being able to complete a 21, 15, 9 crossfit workout is a form of conditioning, the same as being able to circuit machines at the gym for rounds is a form of conditioning.

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Elevate your fitness with our conditioning program, designed to enhance endurance, boost stamina, and improve overall performance.

Feeling fatigued or unable to sustain high-intensity activities? Our conditioning program addresses these issues by incorporating high-energy workouts that enhance your cardiovascular health and stamina. Experience the difference in your daily activities and sports performance as you gain the ability to push harder and last longer. Take control of your fitness journey and unlock a new level of vitality and endurance.

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