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Mobility is the ability of the joint to move through range of motion. Having mobility is essential to every function you perform through your day, no matter how mundane. For example, if your hip cannot move through range of motion, then you will not be able to walk.

Joints moving through range of motion are primarily a matter of extension and flexion. How each joint engages in flexion and extension varies. The basic idea is that extension leads to an increase in joint angle while flexion leads to an decrease in joint angle. For example, a bend in the elbow is a flexed elbow, while a straight elbow is an extended elbow.

Mobility matters to the other categories in that a lack of it will lead to limited ability to move. Limited ability to move may present as an inability to achieve full stride in a run, short range of motion squats, short range of motion pull-ups, etc.

fitness stretch for mobility


Improve your flexibility and enhance movement with our mobility program, designed to prevent injuries and promote optimal performance.

Experiencing stiffness or limited range of motion? Our mobility program targets these issues with specialized exercises to increase your flexibility and improve joint health. By incorporating mobility training into your routine, you'll prevent injuries, enhance your movement quality, and support your overall fitness goals. Embrace the freedom of movement and achieve a more agile, resilient body.

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