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Skill is the ability to perform technical movement. Learning to throw a ball, to squat, to run, to swim, etc is an expression of skill. Becoming better technically at these things is an improvement of skill.

This is not to be confused with increasing weight or reps. Those are improvements in strength and conditioning. Skill is solely focused on the technical aspects, though it goes hand in hand with improvements in the other areas.

Skill is an essential part of improving strength and conditioning, as well as fitness overall. Skill is and should always be the first step. For example, to squat 500 pounds, you have to learn how to squat first. You do not just load weight on a bar, get under it, and inherently know how to squat.

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Master essential techniques and perfect your form with our technical skill training, setting the foundation for excellence in your fitness journey.

Are you struggling with proper form and technique, leading to injuries and inefficient workouts? Our technical skill training focuses on teaching you the correct methods and movements, ensuring you exercise safely and effectively. By mastering these skills, you'll enhance your performance, prevent injuries, and achieve optimal results. Don't compromise your progress—invest in perfecting your technique.

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