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Nathan DeMetz Personal Training

Strength Training

Strength is a basic ability to apply force. It is also the first category of fitness, of four, that I measure for myself and clients.

One-rep max is, arguably, the greatest representation of true strength. For example, the ability to squat 500 pounds for one rep is the maximum squat strength level for the person who performed the lift.

The argument part lies in other expressions of strength, such as the ability to hold a handstand, complete a muscle-up, or even the ability to complete a pull-up. None of these movements have external load, and in the general perception of one reps maxes, cannot be measured as such.

Both of these groups, each of these movement types, is an expression of strength. In that same line of thought, so are being able to complete a log press, clean and jerk, machine base movement, etc.

Any variations of strength—such as speed-strength, strength-speed, and power—can be bulked under strength

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Unlock your full potential with our comprehensive strength training program designed to build muscle, enhance strength, and transform your physique.

Are you struggling to gain muscle and boost your strength? Our expertly crafted strength training regimen targets every major muscle group, ensuring balanced and effective growth. By following our program, you'll overcome plateaus, increase your lifting capacity, and achieve the body you've always wanted.

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